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About Us

We, Linus, 26 years old and Carena, 25 years old, are both students, but in very different fields. After training as a technical product designer, Linus is now studying industrial design. Carena studies human medicine and usually takes care of everything organizational. We have been traveling through Europe with our Land Rover Defender for three years now. We fell in love with this way of traveling and getting to know new people every day. 


Denali is a 2003 Land Rover Defender 110 that we bought in 2019 in stock condition. With loving care, we have completely converted it into a motor home. It has auxiliary heating, electricity, and water supplies, as well as a comfortably furnished interior. Over time, he has also grown from the outside and is now a real overlander. With its off-road capability, Denali enables us to have unique experiences off the beaten path.

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